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  • Alison Aberdeen

Styling Your Next Session Like A Pro

It's that time again - Fall Family Sessions! One of the most commonly asked questions I get as a photographer is "what do we wear?" And then some don't ask, which is why I decided to do this blog post. Some may not even realize that certain colors photograph terribly or that there are certain aspects to clothing that just make it WORK. So I'm going to break that down for you HERE! I've put together a few palettes below that can really help you get some inspiration into what you choose to put your family in this fall, especially if the process stresses you out. Sometimes half of the success of your session is based on what you wear, truthfully. Obviously there are other other factors, but if you get this part right, you can fake it 'til you make it on the rest! So let's dive in...

A PHOTOGRAPHER'S DREAM - Movement, Texture and Earth Tones

*Click Anywhere on Collage to Access PDF w/ Shoppable Links*

Each palette is linked to a PDF, which contains all links for each piece. These palettes are also just for inspiration. Sticking to it verbatim wasn't the intention. Usually when I plan our wardrobe for our fall session, I start with my daughter or myself and work around that one piece. For me, that's what makes it easiest, but that may not be your process. As you'll notice in these palettes, the colors I've chosen are earth tones. The camera loves these tones at sunset, which is why I pick them. When you wear bright blues, reds or pastels, it makes it INCREDIBLY difficult to edit, which in turn makes it a longer process. I will list my 5 big NO-NOs at the bottom as your official guide of what NOT to do this year:) Obviously, do YOU. Be yourselves! I'm not here to make you change your style - I'm here to guide you into camera-friendly decisions. So if you're into reds and greens for that holiday card, I've included a toned down version of the perfect palette for you below!

THE URBAN SESSION - Take a walk on the WILD SIDE - sunset on the top of a parking garage with a skateboard and fun eclectic styling is a GREAT way to switch it up this year!

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I know, I usually push you to wear a dress, but did you know I offer a session located on the top of a parking garage? You can definitely wear a dress for those but when it has a more urban vibe, I am all for switching gears on making the fashion more care-free, which totally matches this type of session!

THE AMAZON OPTIONS - Budget friendly and FAST

*Click Anywhere on Collage to Access PDF w/ Shoppable Links*

This palette is for my pastel/ blue fans. If you tone down the blues to an earthier version, it totally works! Bright pastels and blues are basically the oil to the water of editing/ photographing. I would even suggest adding one warm color to this palette (a mustard, rust or darker brown). I wouldn't suggest this palette if you have fair skin tones unless you pull that warmer color into play.

TARGET AND OLD NAVY - Last minute mamas

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This palette is for my last-minute peeps. The ones who get their session reminder one week out and go "UH OH". I know you're out there, my fellow procrastinators! Yes, it is absolutely doable to style your session in head-to-toe Target and/or Old Navy. Don't forget to mix in a pattern (or two) and one texture. Layering for men always looks nice too!

THE HOLIDAY CARD - For my classic holiday color lovers

*Click Anywhere on Collage to Access PDF w/ Shoppable Links*

And for my die hard Holiday Card enthusiasts who want to keep it classic - I don't blame you. I mean it IS the holidays after all! If you don't go BRIGHT and you tone the reds down to a deep maroon and the greens to an earthy version, you're good to go! Just pull in one warm color like a deep rust, mustard, or brown.

MY TOP 5 NO-NOs - What NOT to Wear or Do

  1. Bright blues. They are cool and do ZERO for anyone's skin tone. The camera hates them. End of story. If you love blue, go with a darker, toned down version.

  2. Athletic shoes. Anything that has stripes, reflectors, characters are extremely distracting. If the kiddo is throwing a fit, give them a choice - the neutral shoe or barefoot. Barefoot works! It's actually incredibly cute, especially if we're at Murrell Park and go down to the water for some shots.

  3. Pastels. They photograph horribly and take forever to edit to your skin tone. Just avoid them at all costs.

  4. Leave your phone in the car. Or your husband will have a giant rectangle in his pocket for every. single. picture. And it will haunt you every time you look at it. It's also incredibly important to be present during our session - it's about the love and connection your family shares and capturing that. Dad can watch reels when he gets home:)

  5. Controlling your kiddos. If there's an hour in the week you don't need to worry about their behavior, it's here. I'm not looking for that perfect "cheese" portrait. I'm trying to capture them exactly the way they are. The harder we push them to smile for the camera, the more they want to throw in the towel and do what they want. Let me encourage them to play and enjoy their time so that I can get that genuine smile and joy out of them! Consider me your babysitter for an hour:)

Finally, I hope this helps you, if anything! I am SO excited to see you and your sweet families this year and if you need any additional styling assistance, I provide my complimentary Style & Select platform, full access to my Client Closet and will also send you a personalized mood board with your colors of choice! I am here to make this as painless as possible so that it's a total success and you end up with your dream gallery. If you haven't booked yet, I still have some awesome dates! See y'all soon!


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