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Where Have You Been All My Life???

Hello my beautiful lovelies!

As a mom, I am CONSTANTLY looking for ways to make my day-to-day easier. Being in the SAHM trenches is not easy - it is absolutely EXHAUSTING and no one can ever prepare you for the work that is cut out ahead of you when you decide to become a mother/wife. So what do you do? Do you stay miserable? Do you try to do it all? Of course you do - BECAUSE YOU HAVE TO. You have no choice against that 'I'll-take-a-bullet-for-you' love that you possess. You will literally do anything for them and then, when it's not good enough for them (because it NEVER IS), you ask them how you can bend over backwards far enough and eat shit because you love them endlessly and tirelessly and let's face it - if you're anything like me, you don't have the energy to put up a fight most days. You grin and bare it for the sake of PEACE. And for the women that don't have a family and/or husband, you go to work every single day and bust your ass to make ends meet and climb the ladder to maybe get to the pay grade level of the dude that's in a position 2 levels below you - this post benefits you too.

So, without further ado, in no particular order, I give you the 5 items I have decided I can no longer live without:

1) My Instant Pot - The Ultimate Game Changer

I've raved about this thing from day one if you've been following along. It is literally the second coming of Jesus as far as #kitchenappliances go. And I haven't even tried half of the features - it had me at "pressure cook". This thing has cut my dinner prep and cook in half and sometimes more. On the days where you are running through the door after swim lessons or had a late meeting, this is your girl. If you're unraveling because you just broke up the 17th sibling fight of the day and you forgot to get wine at the grocery store to numb the screaming "I'M STARVING MOM", she's there for you in a cinch. To put it in just a few short words since I know you've got better things to do than read my blog, you throw a bunch of shit in a pot and push a button. And then - YOU WALK AWAY. No stirring. No checking. No flipping. You can go catch up on #pumprules or play on your phone for 20 minutes - WHATEVER - THE WORLD IS YOUR OYSTER. If you don't have one, get it. It is truly an investment you will forever cherish. I got mine on AMAZON.

2) My YETI Tumbler - The reason why I no longer microwave my coffee 7x each morning.

We've all been there. Running around like a crazy person trying to get yourself ready, along with your kids and/or husband. So many people to dress and feed and pack for and and make beds and lunches and water bottles and shoes - WHERE ARE YOUR SHOES NOAH? - the list goes on. And you know who gets neglected here? That beautiful cup of coffee you poured with every intention of sitting down to enjoy, while watching a snippet of the news in your cozy, warm slippers. HAHAHA just KIDDING. That doesn't happen - EVER. As a mother, OR a hard-ass working lady who needs her beauty sleep before that hour long commute. ENTER YETI CUP. Go grab said lonely coffee that was left for dead and warm that bitch UP, pour it in that gorgeous silver rambler and rest assured that it will be warm for the next several hours. No microwave needed.

3) My LIFEPROOF Case - the reason I'm not spending thousands of dollars on iPhones every year.

Before I succumbed to a Lifeproof case, I had literally shattered the screen of every single iPhone I had ever owned. Do I love the sleek, gorgeous look of a sick-ass new iPhone? Of course I do. Do I love the adorable glittery cases that have zero weight to them? Duh. But I'd rather be spending the thousands of dollars to replace phones on clothes, skincare and traveling. Even before kids I needed this thing. And now that I have those destructive little terrors that break everything in their path, there's no option. Honestly, when I see a mom with no Lifeproof case, firstly, I'm impressed. And then I say a little prayer for her because it's only a matter of time. #ripiphone I've dropped my Lifeproof case into a toilet and it's still with us. There's really nothing else left to say here.

I have the "SLAM" - love it and it comes in 4 colors!

4) My Plumping Facial Oil by BEAUTYCOUNTER - why I don't look like the Crypt Keeper.

I started following a certain blogger for a really long time - she has immaculate skin. One of the things she started swearing by a couple of years ago were facial oils and serums. So of course when I started to take charge of my skin this past year and give an honest effort to fight the signs of aging and having a healthier glow, I looked into really great oils and serums - obviously. I then realized she spends about 80% of her time and salary at the dermatologist getting treatments, fillers and botox. Don't get me wrong - I am in NO WAY AGAINST those procedures, and if I have the bank account to get some Botox at any point, it's most likely happening. Point is, my expectations immediately lowered because the person I was looking up to was getting "help" in that department. But then I started using this delicious oil on my skin everyday and seeing results that were insanely similar and noticeable. I highly recommend doing an oil/serum prior to your moisturizer. I know mine is a little pricey, but they're so popular now that drugstore companies are making great ones as well for less, like this one - PIXI BEAUTY

5) My Hoover Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Washer - why my rugs, couches and beds aren't covered in urine, chocolate and unidentified soil.

I remember complaining to one of my clients one day about how my kids have broken and/or ruined every single item of value in my home. And then she said these magical words: "Girl you need a HOOVER POWER SCRUB in your life." And she was not kiddin'. This thing shampoos carpets and rugs, but also has upholstery attachments and a crevice tool - A CREVICE TOOL!!!!! If you have kids or pets, this thing will change your life. Just trust me. It's worth the splurge.

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