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New Year, New Ideas, New Concept!

Updated: Jan 21, 2019

Welcome 2019, and welcome clients, followers, friends, family and fellow bloggers alike!!! If you know me then you already know that I'm a photographer, staying in the lane of family, newborn, and lifestyle work. I started my photography business in San Diego (we now live in Dallas, TX) when I realized I needed something to do on the side of being a wife to my husband Caleb and mama to my two littles, Noah (5) and Piper (2). I think any SAHM out there can relate to the isolation, loss of identity and loneliness that can come with the position. I was lost in a haze of postpartum depression and hadn't figured out at all what I wanted to do with my life. Then my husband bought me a camera and everything changed from there. Since then I have grown and blossomed into a pretty decent photographer and I absolutely LOVE doing it. It truly is my passion in life. Aside from doughnuts, Twin Peaks, The Oscars and finding the best deal on anything.

It's all an illusion folks. What usually looks like the perfect family photo is actually a total shit show behind the scenes:) My kids are NUTS. And let's face it - so are yours.

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{More Photos Below Featuring Duds on Us All}

That being said, I feel like there's more to this business that hasn't taken form or flight. I've had a little voice inside of me in the last couple of years that says "GO BIGGER, GO MORE CREATIVE, YOU CAN DO THIS". So I started to do some soul-searching. I started to think about the things I love, the things I love doing, the things I want to share with others and how I could mesh that with my photography skills. My friends have always encouraged me to share my snark and sense of humor about being a mom. They've always said I can put together one hell of an outfit. That I can cook one mean-ass batch of chocolate chip cookies. That I'm an excellent hostess. And that I have a "freakish ability to make even the most awkward situation comfortable". So, in this New Year, I am choosing to embrace these fun-loving characteristics of mine and incorporate them into my already-growing business. To share my ideas, creativity, self-deprecation, sadness, happiness, fashion sense, recipes, fails, wins, and so much more.

So I'm inviting you to go on this journey with me. My goal is simple: to brighten someone else's day and to grow artistically and creatively.

Maybe it'll be a mom sitting at home with her kids, in front of infinite piles of laundry with tears in her eyes, wondering if it's ever gonna get easier. If she'll ever feel like herself again.

Maybe a woman who has been on her 17th date this month and needs yet another outfit inspiration because GODDAMNIT this BETTER be the night that I meet "The One".

Maybe a girl who is at the 4 o'clock mark of the day and hasn't even thought about what to make for dinner and is considering putting some Cheetos and string cheese onto a paper plate, and she either A: needs a recipe, or B: needs to know that putting Cheetos and string cheese onto a plate when it's been a shit storm of a day (or not) is OKAY TOO. They won't die. I've got you either way - but mostly the support will lean toward the Cheetos and string cheese, just sayin'. I like to keep things simple.

MAYBE it'll be a dude who wants to do something really special for his girl on her birthday, but needs to do it on a dime-ass budget. Because if there's one thing I know, it's how to shop on a dime-ass budget.

I don't really know where this journey will take me. Maybe further into photography, maybe more social media, or maybe I'll be a Like to Know It girl. I'm not going to overthink it too much. Because then I'm just thwarting my creativity. I'm nervous as hell to open up my life to you but also really excited. Because I think half the reason I'm finally here is because in my 38 years of life, I have started to love myself and the skin I'm in. It took a while but I'm here. And the best and most responsible thing I can do as a mom is to show my kids that I can and I will.

You'll prolly see a lot more of these sweet faces



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I tell my son often, "If you fall down, you just get back up again". My fear of failing just isn't an option. My promises for my posts? I will never take myself too seriously, that I will show you at my absolute best AS WELL as my absolute worst. I won't always have makeup or pants on. And I'll give you a little sparkle too - for that boost you might need. I'm SO looking forward to this next chapter and I can't wait to share all of this with you! Happy Freaking New Year!!!



My first born - the one who made me a mama

And my little princess, who like really does think she's really a princess. No really, like legit. And we are all the Court Jesters.

That smile though...

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