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Just Do It - In 20 Minutes or So

Updated: Jan 20, 2019

Good morning all you hard-working, boss-ass bitches! I'm sure you all had the perfect morning, complete with kids listening to you, husband handing you your coffee in bed, waking up with a perfect hair day and tons of energy, ready to get after it with a smile on your face, counting down the minutes until you get to go work out, amiright? Yeah me neither. EVER. I mean don't get me wrong, I have good mornings. ON VACATION. And even that's a stretch...

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I'm not here to tell you how together I have it, because I 100% DO NOT. Most days I am jolted awake from a deep sleep by my toddler screaming for me as if her head MUST be lodged between the crib slats. I'm lucky to ever do anything right for my 5 year-old, as I am CLEARLY out to ruin his life, according to him. My purpose for this post isn't to brag about how I get it done ( because I don't a lot of the time), it's to motivate you to know and believe that YOU can get it done. And guess what? If you don't, that's ok. I've been in the trenches of lack of motivation and it's crippling. I have days all the time where I just wanna stay in my sweatpants and watch #Housewives under a blanket and ignore my kids. And I do it sometimes. Because #WTF is life without balance?

However, after I began this whole diet/ exercise transformation, I've realized how much more energy I have for my kids and how much better of a mood I am in these days. And let's be real - if mommy is in a good mood, EVERYONE is in a good mood. We are the #HOUSTON of the household and if we ain't feelin' it - WE HAVE A PROBLEM.


MYSELF - yep, that's right, #1 is ME. Because if I don't love myself no one else can.

MY KIDDOS - sure, I obviously wanna be around to see them walk down the aisle and have kids of their own, but to give them a rich and fulfilling childhood, I need fucking energy. And when I'm not eating right and working out on a semi-regular basis, I feel like shit. Plain and simple.

I LOVE CLOTHES - nothing motivates me more than a brand new workout ensemble. When I look cute, I feel cute.Therefore I AM CUTE! GO get yourself a dope-ass outfit from LuLuLemon or Athleta - you deserve it girl. Screw the total. If that total gives you a little boost in self-esteem and in your butt cheeks (bc they do) then it's worth every penny.

MY MAN - he chose me (for whatever reason lol - poor guy) and I always want to keep him interested and attracted. I know that I am more attracted to him when he's making an effort, so it might just be reciprocal. And it's not about how either one of us LOOKS to one another. It's the effort. It says "I care about me AND you." And that's attractive.


DIET - I used to work out a lot and would never really see results. One of the reasons is that, in my mind, if I worked out, I could eat what I wanted. WRONG. After I turned 35, I swear to god the bottom dropped out as far as my metabolism goes and I just didn't lose weight anymore. So I started cutting carbs - pasta, bread, rice, sugar. I still eat them, but I try to limit them to one meal a day. And I also try to make them whole grain. Now listen, before you start cursing the skinny bitch for talking about cutting carbs, I know. I hear you. I had to TRAIN my stomach for this. It took time and I was hungry. Because my body was tricked into thinking it needed an english muffin and cheese in my eggs. But after a couple of weeks, it filled me up and I felt so much better and lighter. Now, for breakfast I will have a couple of egg whites or a smoothie, a salad for lunch with low fat cheese and turkey and whatever I want in moderation for dinner. It's basically just a change in lifestyle. And then there's cheat day.... One day a week #bliss #heaven #life

EXERCISE - it's pretty basic for me - I've learned not to do the same workout twice in one week. Your body needs to be "tricked" each time. If you go in and hit the elliptical every day, you're just not going to see the results you might have been hoping for as quickly, or at all. One day, I'll do a 30 min session on the elliptical and a 30 minute lighter weight session. The next I'll do a 10 min stint on the rower, a fast-paced, heavy weight session, and then I'll jump on the stairs for 10 more. You get the idea - avoid repetition and have a good mix of cardio and weight lifting. Switching it up also tackles the boredom that can come with working out too.

DO WHAT YOU LOVE - if you hate running like me, try yoga. Or jump on a rowing machine. Start looking up trails around where you live. You're not going to stick with anything you don't love doing. And for me, mixing it up has been my winning result!

LOVE THY SELF - I wasn't able to tackle any of this until I learned that I was worth the effort. It took me many years to do so, but I did it. And you are just as worth it and then some. There are so many qualities that make us amazing, strong, resilient, unique women. Don't tell the men, but the world is still spinning because of us. So when you're on the 10 minute mark of cardio and you wanna give up, just remember that you are FIERCE and you CAN keep going and WILL keep going.



On a hike with my tribe.

2 babies have ridden in that red pack. The first was in Big Sur, CA - one of the most beautiful places I've seen...

Sleepy little hiker princess.


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Give yourself a goal, however big or small, and go for it. This lazy bitch has managed, so ANYTHING is possible. HAPPY THURSDAY LOVES!

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