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I Got My SH@! Together

Oh heyyyyyy guys. So I finally decided to get my shit together this month. For a long time, in order to minimize the chaos that takes place during outings with 2 kids, I was carrying a wristlet. I figured if I had a small bag, it would be easier to stay organized whilst running out of any store or restaurant with a screaming, kicking terrorist AKA one of my children.

But alas, it just wasn't working out. I never had what I needed and could barely fit my phone in it. And then one day I saw another blogger talking about "tote organizers" *insert mind-blown emoji* The particular one she was plugging was too pricey, so I jumped on Amazon (AKA my reason for living) and found this little guy. He's felt, has multiple compartments, including one for a water bottle and little handles to pull it out. I know. I know. You're welcome.


It comes in 3 different sizes, so make sure you measure your tote before purchasing. Theres a great diagram on the link explaining the sizes in comparison to a phone and a coke bottle lol:) It's also available in 5 different colors, and I went with the beige since my tote is a cognac brown leather. The handles are what actually sold me on this particular one - it makes keeping it organized and clean that much easier - no brainer!

And I went with a JCREW Factory tote bag. It's incredible quality, very simple and chic, and an amazingly low price for such a nice bag. I chose the brown but the black is gorgeous as well!


This is the look of pure, organized joy.

In a nutshell, this whole situation has not only made me more organized, but has ultimately upped my happiness game. Having my shit together makes me giddy like a damn school girl. WIN-WIN.

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