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Go-To 3 Minute Beauty Routine

Updated: Jan 20, 2019

Hey hey hey! Ugh that enthusiasm is even annoying to me. Who's over the whole New Year's resolution thing already? ME TOO! I gave up booze for the whole month and on Day 3 at 4 pm when the kids are running around like someone gave them catnip, I'm immediately regretting that decision. But I'm gonna hang on. And one of the reasons I am is because, as I near the birthday we don't speak about that begins with a 4 and ends with an 0, I am really staring to notice how my skin has taken a toll over the last few years. My face this winter is shaping up to look similar to a White Walker's. I'd say that has several contributors, including age, booze, kids, lack of sleep, lack of water, kids, and stress (and kids). Some are unavoidable, unless of course I got rid of my kids, which is still up in the air.

So this past winter I decided to invest in some decent skin products, mixing and matching of course with more affordable ones (because that's how I roll) and I am really starting to see amazing results. One word : BEAUTYCOUNTER. This company and their products are DOPE AF. Their mission: to provide products free of the toxic, cancer-causing chemicals that sooooo many makeup and skincare items on the market have. Instead of ranting and raving about how incredible this company is, I'll let you read for yourself. BEAUTYCOUNTER STORY

Below are my every-single-morning products that are doing me good right now. I cannot stress to you how much I've gotten addicted to the OIL and FACIAL MIST. I use 3-4 drops of the oil in the winter and only 1-2 in the summer, as my skin is so totally different each season. It's nice that I don't have to use as much each season because it is a little pricier - but 100% worth the splurge! The mist just kind of refreshes and rejuvenates you afterward and adds plumping and moisture. Sometimes I'll do a little spritz over my makeup for a "dewy" look too. Both products are lightweight and absorb easily!

If you don't have a BEAUTYCOUNTER consultant, I have to recommend my sweet friend Natalia Ross Schooley! She has been super helpful and informative guiding me through what products are right for me and giving me a heads up on SALES BABY!! Which, by the way, they're having a HUGE one right now (up to 60%), so get on it:) Just message me for her contact info.

These other two products are currently at TARGET, are super affordable and I like a lot! I can't splurge on every product, so it's really nice when I can find products that fit for my skin type, which is combination. PACIFICA COCONUT WATER MICELLAR CLEANSER AND TONER and No7 LIFT AND LUMINATE

The next line-up of goodies is my nighttime routine. I have to be honest, I just got more committed to doing this and wish desperately I had been doing it since my teens. Who hates going to scrape off their face when they're dog-ass tired or bobbin' n' weavin' after girls night out? Yeah, I hear ya'. But it is imperative, unfortunately, to aging gracefully - BOOOOOOOO. Here are my absolute FAVES from BEAUTYCOUNTER. The CLEANSING BALM is super luxurious and comes with this organic cotton cloth that you rub the balm off with. Your face feels like silk afterward! And then I finish off with the OVERNIGHT RESURFACING PEEL which basically gives me a 27-year-old glow I haven't seen since I was 22 - do that math... It also fights many signs of aging, brightens, and clears dull skin. Just make sure to follow with a good moisturizer afterward. Again, both pricier, but soooooo worth it. And because you need to use so little, it lasts forever.

Added to my winter nighttime routine are a good HAND CREAM on my hands AND feet. And I coat ROSE'S on my lips and even above them to keep the skin supple. I use the hand cream on my feet in the winter bc it's the only way to keep them from cracking and it's so much more saturated than other creams, it's all that works for me. I literally have a bottle of that hand cream in every room of my house - with kids we are washing our hands CONSTANTLY. Gross-ass kids. LOVE YOU MEAN IT.

Each morning that I take Noah to school and head to the gym and/or errands, this is my quick 3-minute routine I do in addition to making breakfast, making beds (if that even GETS done that day - who the hell am I kidding) filling water bottles, packing snacks - for the 800x a day that they're requested, breakfast dishes, picking outfits, asking Noah 8-12 times to brush his teeth, put on his shoes, "Where ARE your shoes Noah? NOAH - where are your GODFORSAKEN SHOES? LEAVE PIPER ALONE DUDE - teeth Noah - TEETH." "Piper get out of my vanity - what is that? Did you put mascara on the wall?" I'M NOW WINDED FROM TYPING THAT. Anyway, I love these products and they are my everyday, no-makeup, makeup look.

Some pricier than others, but ultimately, a mix-and-match. I like to use 1 less-than-pea-size dollop of each: LOREAL INFALLIBLE PRO MATTE in Golden Beige with the BEAUTYCOUNTER DEW SKIN in NO. 2 just because it gives my skin a little less sheen when I want a matter look. Obviously I tweak that if I wanna go dewier - more DEW SKIN, less INFALLIBLE. You get the picture. Depends on my mood.

I've been a huge fan of AMAZING COSMETICS CONCEALER in medium for years now. I have terrible dark circles and this stuff just GETS ME.

Just started using this HONEST BEAUTY EVERYTHING PRIMER. I really like it because it fills in my lines and wrinkles and gives me a bit if a dewy look under my makeup.

My other 2 TARGET go-tos I have used forever are COVERGIRL LAST BLAST VOLUME MASCARA in black (the only brush I can get behind for drugstore brands), and PIXI BY PETRA SHEER CHEEK GEL in FLUSHED. This stuff just gives you that "I just had sex in the middle of the day" look. And who doesn't want that?

I just started using LIPSENSE last year and I can't say enough good things. This shit does not come off your face. I'll do a separate blog about their lip products, but these are their SHADOWSENSES in Candlelight and Moca Java Shimmer. The first kind works as a nice base primer for your whole lid and brow bone. And then I just swipe the wand of the Mocha color over the lid, blend with my finger and use a blending brush to avoid creasing. My consultant is Ashley Romo who's based here in Dallas and is a sweetheart! Her FACEBOOK GROUP is a closed group but just do a request - she is AWESOME at helping you find your color matches and will ship items to you super quickly! If she doesn't have something in stock, she's got connections with other local reps that may have your colors and will go pick them up herself for you. She's a great girl and a fellow busy mama:) Tell her I sent you!!

Finally, I've made it a point to do 3-4 masks each week. I have various ones and here are a few of my faves. BEAUTYCOUNTER BALANCING+CHARCOAL; FORMULA 10.0.6 THREE TIMES SUBLIME; LOREAL PURECLAY; BEAUTYCOUNTER PLUMPING+PEONY - no longer available; YES TO COCONUT - the tube is no longer available but they do sell these fun single-use packets!

My fave right now is the Formula 10.0.06 THREE TIMES SUBLIME (see link above) right now. It's a leave on but also an exfoliant and my face feels like a baby's butt after I'm done! So you know all that nasty dead skin is a goner. And it's at Target and CHEAP.

OK GUYS! I hope this post encouraged you to be more diligent with your winter skincare routine! Like I said, I sucked at this forever. But now that I'm almost *we won't say it* I just don't have a choice if I wanna keep this face...

Instead of ending up with this one when I'm 50...

Thanks for stopping by guys - HAPPY FRIDAY!

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