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Do I Need My Head Examined?

I decided to do a bathing suit try-on in my Instagram Stories for y'all. Yes. That's right. Pasty-ass skin, #stretchmarks and all - this not-so-size 0 said "screw it" - #justdoit.

The older I get, the more comfortable I am in my skin (well, the excess of it). I still have a long way to go to be where I want, but at the end of the day, as long as I'm healthy and energetic for my kids, that's all that really matters. And it's all that should matter to ANYONE.

I spent my entire childhood comparing myself to magazine models. I grew up in the era of #Seventeen and #Cosmo, as many of you did, and we all know how unrealistic those images were. It was an impossible standard for most, and honestly, SHAME ON THEM for ever creating it. I know with 100% certainty that is where my #bodyimage issues stem from. I have tons of #insecurities, and some days it can take over my whole day of decisions. I'm working on that...

I love that different body types and shapes are now being represented in stores and on social media -we still have a long way to go, but the progress that's been made is amazing from what we were doing 20 years ago. It literally makes me GIDDY to see someone that's over 120 lbs. in a store campaign! Because THAT is reality. I just saw a campaign photo in #Target of a girl in a #bathingsuit and they didn't #photoshop her stretch marks!!! You GO Target and girl with stretch marks - us other girls over here with the stretch marks SALUTE YOU!

Here are 4 suits that I found that are awesome, #highwaisted options from Amazon. The price points are PHENOMENAL and I was SHOCKED at the fit and quality - pretty dang good. I chose high-waisted this season because:

1) I miss #bikinis and this gives me the coverage I need without having to wear a #onepiece all the time.

2) I don't enjoy looking at the #cellulite on my stomach, but I DO enjoy watching the two little reasons for it being there run around and splash in the water.

3) Let's face it - the bathroom sitch in a one-piece is like a friggin' argument with a 2 year-old - we ain't gonna win.

HAPPY #SHOPPING Y'ALL! Check my Insta Stories Try-On under the "SWIM TRY-ONS" highlight tab for tips on fit!!


~Under $30, this suit is my top pick from the bunch - it's the perfect suit for my body type - I'm a size 4, 34B, and 5'6" for reference~

~I LOVE that the top has underwire, a slight bit of padding and adjustable straps in the back! Smaller chested girls will love this option~

~The bottoms give the perfect coverage and have front-side ruching for the slimming effect~

~Comes in 29 different colors and styles!~


~In LOVE with this high-waisted bikini option! Don't be afraid of the mesh detail - you actually cannot see through it very much at all!~

~Fits TTS (wearing a MEDIUM (4-6)) and hugs you everywhere you need - VERY FLATTERING~

~I'll literally buy anything RED, WHITE AND BLUE - and the price point is undeniable for the quality!~


~Exact same suit as above, just in black!~

~Fits TTS, wearing a MEDIUM (4-6)~


~The CUTEST suit for under $24!~

~Fits TTS, wearing a SMALL (4-6)~

~LOVE the ruching of the bottoms and the top has padding inserts and adjustable straps for support!~

~Comes in 7 colors~

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