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12 Beauty Products That Changed My Age-Game

Ok guys. So I've now been blogging for about 6 months and, during that time, I've consistently tried different products, #makeup applications, and new clothes for ya'. And because I haven't done a beauty post in a while, and I feel really confident in my routine and incredibly happy with the results, this was THE time to put my hand on the bible for ya'. I didn't want to swear wholeheartedly on anymore #beautyproducts until I had used them for the long haul.

One of my main goals when I started blogging was to figure out an #antiaging #skincareroutine. I'll be turning 40 next year and I spent my 20s in the sun with little to no sunscreen like a complete moron, and NEVER washed my face at night. I know - it's just unacceptable. I have no excuse except for stupidity. But I've gotten older and wised up to the fact that we only have one body and what we put onto AND into it are crucial to having #healthyskin.

Under each collage I'll break down very briefly the results I've seen and/or why it's important. I didn't include sunscreen on this particular one, but that is something that absolutely needs to be implemented each morning under your makeup if yours doesn't have SPF in it. Luckily, my everyday makeup has SPF 50 in it, which I included in the last collage.

1. COLLAGEN POWDER - I put a scoop of this particular #collagenpowder in my coffee each morning. The health benefits include: skin health improvement (providing elasticity and hydration amongst many others), helps #jointpain by maintaining the integrity of the cartilage, prevents #boneloss, boosts muscle mass, and promotes #hearthealth. This is the best value I've seen vs. Amazon and I can't taste it in my coffee. But you can mix it into basically any liquid to ingest. Personally, I've noticed much less dryness and more bounce to my skin. And the fact that it improves my cartilage and #bonehealth is enough to keep me taking it into my golden years.

2. THAYER'S WITCH HAZEL - I've been testing different #toners for most of my adult life and once I found this one, my search was over. I've tried each formula (Cucumber, Coconut, Rose Petal, Original) and my faves are the Coconut and Cucumber. This toner not only gets the residual makeup off after washing my face, but it also hydrates my skin substantially. Not to mention, the price for the gigantic bottle you get is a GREAT value!

3. VITAMIN E OIL - I've talked to you guys about this stuff on my Insta Stories a few times before, and my opinion hasn't changed! I mix this with my #moisturizer at night after my entire routine and my skin is so much more hydrated and dewy. I highly recommend mixing it with your lotion because otherwise it's WAY too sticky. You can also mix it up with your body lotion as well!

4. DRUNK ELEPHANT MOISTURIZER - Although I haven't been using this as long as my other products, this seems to be the absolutely perfect summer moisturizer. It's incredibly lightweight and leaves ZERO film or stickiness. It offers anti-aging benefits and is #vegan, #gluten and #crueltyfree. WIN-WIN.

5. RETINOL - not only does this stuff clear up blemishes, but it also helps to improve #darkspots and stimulates #collagenproduction, which prevents wrinkles. I've been taking it slow with the #retinol because I've read to only use it 2-3x a week, and I'm 100% noticing a clearer complexion and dark spot improvement.

6. DRUNK ELEPHANT JELLY CLEANSER - You guys. I'm OBSESSED with this #cleanser. It's the first one I've ever owned without any exfoliating elements that actually makes my skin feel completely clean and fresh without residue after cleansing. If I use any other #facewash (besides an exfoliator or microderm) I feel like I need to double or triple cleanse. Not with this one. It truly gets your face CLEAN and smells AMAZING.

7. No7 MICRO-DERMABRASION EXFOLIATOR - I've told you guys about this stuff. For a drugstore #microdermabrasion product, it is LEGIT. I use it every other day after cleansing, and my skin feels like a baby's butt afterward. It also gives a glow that I never saw before other than being preggo. This one might be my number one find of 2019.

8. ROC RETINOL EYE CREAM - I've only been using this one for a few weeks but have definitely noticed a difference. I love that it doesn't leave a residue like so many of them do! PRO TIP: put it in the freezer for tired-eye days - it helps the swelling immensely.

9. FORMULA 10.0.6' 3 TIMES SUBLIME 3-IN-1 - I've also talked about this one many times if you follow me on Instagram. I LOVE that this works as a scrub AND a mask. My skin feels and looks the absolute opposite of dull after using it and it's SO affordable. Definitely my number one mask! I try to use it at least twice a week.

10. PIXI ROSE OIL - I'm not currently using this as much as I did in the winter, because my skin tends to be oilier in the summer. But when I do need the hydration, I mix this in with my moisturizer. Right now I only use in at night and it really helps for quenching my skin. You can also mix it in your fave foundation for a #dewy effect!

11. TARTE SHAPE TAPE - I honestly don't even know what we were all doing before this stuff came to be. The coverage is INCREDIBLE. It works as a #concealer AND for highlighting purposes when #contouring. It blends so well and does not crease. You can apply it with your fingers, a brush, or a beauty blender (AMAZON MULTI PACK - what I use, dampened). Trust me, once you buy this stuff, you'll say the same thing and thank me.

12. IT COSMETICS CC CREAM - Y'all. I have used a gazillion foundations, BB creams, #CCcreams, tinted moisturizers - but this is HANDS DOWN the best one I've come across. Not only is the coverage outstanding, I don't feel like I have a bunch of makeup caked on like I do with other foundations. The benefits you also get with it are so freaking good - SPF 50+, color correcting components, an anti-aging hydrating serum. And it's MAKEUP. It gives your skin a very natural look with fantastic coverage and has won a ton of beauty awards. You're gonna wanna make this a part of your game!

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