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Client Styling

Say goodbye to the stress of choosing outfits for the whole family - I've got you!   Below are cohesive styling palettes, as well as links, suggested for particular locations to help guide you through styling your next session of portraits with me.  

Happy shopping!

Neutral Color Palette Pinterest Pin_edited.jpg

This Palette would be gorgeous almost anywhere, but exceptionally beautiful in a tall grass field or by the water.  This is always my go-to palette for sessions!
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Neutral Color Palette Pinterest Pin-2_edited.jpg

This is the toned down, earthy version of the classic holiday colors we all love.  If you don't go too punchy with a holiday color scheme, it works beautifully.

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Neutral Color Palette Pinterest Pin-3_edited.jpg

If you're looking for a pop of color in your collection, look no further.  These earthy tones are perfection for your next  fall session!  The depth of these colors is truly eaten up by the lens and would be stunning at any of my locations.


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